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Surviving a long commute

Surviving The Long Commute

I don’t know how many Americans commute more than a half-hour to work every day, but my guess is a large portion of working adults do. I live about forty minutes from the nearest big city and a good sixty minutes from my last job. I have done the commute. I have done it in rain, and snow, and accidents galore. I have done it nine-months pregnant and believe-you-me that is not the funnest of drives. Still, I managed to survive and I took a bit of knowledge along with me.

That long commute distance is rough. Every minute you spend in the car you are wasting time that could have been spent with family and friends, or earning money, or relaxing. Instead a commute just seems to be full of moments of rage surrounded by the same drivers every morning with same goals that pull the same stupid moves that get everyone around them in a sour mood. That’s no way to show up at the office or home.

Taking a deep breath before you walk into work may help, but how much danger are you putting yourself in while you are on the road? My nerves get all bunched up just thinking about it. Since each day is different it’s good to have a game plan to help you through those tough days. Here are a few things you can try to help get you through the long commute.

1. Listen to Audio-Books

There are all kinds of online audible lending libraries not to mention It doesn’t have to be an expensive habit, but it can be one that takes you to another world that isn’t surround by people who cut each other off. You attention should still be on the road, but sometimes it’s good to have something else tugging at your subconscious besides what Mr. Red Tundra is doing today.

2. Use the Silence to Practice Meditation

It’s one thing to have silence and fill your head with everything you need to get done at work or before you get home. But it’s a different thing entirely to use that time to practice self-control. If you can work on becoming a person with a stronger mind imagine the possibilities when you get out of the car.

3. Become a Story-Teller

Talking out-loud to oneself really isn’t crazy. In fact, it can be a form of therapy you didn’t even know you needed. Sometimes real life can be overwhelming and you just need a chance to vent and talk through all of your problems. And sometimes it’s not fun to face them head on. So why not make up a story? I had a friend who lost a daughter in a car accident. She wasn’t sure how to deal with her emotions so she wrote a fiction novel that allowed her to do everything society dictated she shouldn’t do. Now that case is extreme, but it helped her through a serious crisis in her life. Perhaps stories could even made up about Mr. Red Tundra. Then you wouldn’t hate him so much when he puffs exhaust at you every morning.

While all these things helped me though my commute, something else might work better for you. I can only hope I have given a few ideas to ease the tension in your drive. If you’re still strung up, then maybe it’s time to carpool J

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