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Are Hands-Free Sets Really Safer?

We’ve all heard time and again about how dangerous it is to talk on a phone and drive – not to mention texting. But what about hands-free sets? Are they really a guarantee of safety on the road? Rather than just giving a no or yes answer, let do a little comparison and contrast to come up with our own conclusions.


1. Is using your hands what makes cell phone driving dangerous?

If you have ever watched an episode of Mythbusters you know what kind of crazy experiments they do. You may even have seen the episode where they compared driving and talking on the phone to driving after drinking. Of course, the test wasn’t totally scientific — they went off how they felt more than they went off actual measurements . If you didn’t see it, one person drove on a driving course while answering questions via a cell phone, then they drove the same course after drinking a couple of beers. One thing that stayed with me was that those who drove said that it was concentrating on what the person on the other line was saying that threw them off. I don’t think that test was totally conclusive but it makes me think it’s the conversation that distracts not the holding of the phone.


2. Answering the phone with a hands-free –

All kinds of hands-free devices are available. Bluetooth ear pieces, dashboard voice activated gadgets, hands-free plug in sets, but sometimes even these can be difficult. I don’t know about you, but I really dislike keeping an earpiece in my ear. I don’t like being on the phone all of the time and those ear pieces really itch. So if someone calls me, and I’m driving, I have to fumble around for my earpiece and plug it in before answering. Not exactly a safe driving practice if you ask me. In fact, it may be even worse because I have to look for the hands-free.

With the voice activated gadgets they often get things wrong, which means you end up pressing a few buttons or yelling a few commands before you can answer or make your call. Once again, the driver thinking about the phone and not about driving. That, to me, is a danger in and of itself.


3. If I have to make a phone call what other option do I have?

Believe it or not, but there was once a day when you couldn’t take your phone with you. Now, I know times have changed. People depend on their phones, I depend on my phone. But are phone calls  really so important that you can’t take two seconds to either tell the person you can’t talk at the moment or pull over to have a conversation? I think the personal safety of a driver and the safety of those around them depends on it. So the next time you think about picking up that phone, don’t. That way we can all have peace of mind.

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