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Adventures in Grocery Lot Parking

Me: I’ll just turn here.

Husband: You can’t turn there.

Me: Of course I can!

Husband: but you’re going the wrong way.

Me: I’m not parking down this way, I’m just driving past it, therefore I can turn here.

Husband: There is car coming up the other way and you are going to cut them off!

Me: Fine *turns down next isle* but I still think I could have gone that way.


Oh, how I love going to the store! The crowds, the screaming kids, all that fatty food that I don’t need begging me to buy it! But the best part about going to the store is the parking. Boy do people park well at the store. Me included *cough cough* but these kinds of parkers are my favorite.

The Circler

These people just love to circle around and around the lot, looking for the best space. Doesn’t matter if it takes them 20 minutes, they need the coveted spot right next to the handicap area, and nothing less will do. I like to think of these parkers as vultures, just waiting around until they can get an easy meal ticket. Oh yes, I did I mention the traffic they hold up while they’re at it? Priceless.

The Quick Guns

This kind of parker is a fan of the fast and furious. Get in the lot, grab the first spot you see and get into the store. Doesn’t matter if the circler has been waiting for a spot with his blinker on and a line a of five cars behind him, the quick guns are fast and they have something to prove. I mean, did you just see their turning radius? There’s no way The Circler’s minivan could have pulled that off!

The Stalker

Oh yes, you know who I’m talking about. The lot is completely filled and a nice young couple just walked out of the store. The stalker follows on their heels until they get to the car. Only, this couple just forgot their wallets so it’s back to the front of the store to follow the next best person until a spot can be obtained. In some ways, The Stalker and The Circler are the same, and sometimes it may be the same person who inhabits both traits. But I know when I’m leaving Costco by myself with two kids and I have a cart full of heavy items I’m not going to be in any hurry to please either of these two drivers. I mean, can’t you see that I’m already a little crazy from just being in the store? Please people, be considerate of the situations of others, no need to get nasty over a parking space.

The wrong way-ers

Okay, confession time. I’m guilty of this one. In fact, the conversation I gave you at the beginning of this article is all true. And boy do I feel ashamed about it. Yes, I notice the arrows, and sometimes I choose to ignore them  – for the sheer fact that I’m not parking there, I’m just passing through. Okay, so it bothers some people (and by some, I mean a lot) and okay it’s not safe. But, but… there really is no but. This is one that I just need work on.

Resolution time: start thinking about other drivers and less about getting a primo space. That way we can all feel a little safer.

Those were my etiquette tips, now they we know how to be nice, lets get a mean deal on car insurance for young people. By using the form at the top of the page you can find good deals on car insurance for teenagers. Lets be serious. No one wants to over spend on car insurance.

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