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How To Customize Your Vehicle To Get The Cheapest Auto Insurance

Cheapest Auto Insurance

Cheap auto insurance depends on a lot of different factors, but one thing that will affect your insurance premiums every single time is a customized ride. Insurance agents keep a special eye out for any modifications or custom add-ons to a vehicle before calculating the insurance rate. A lot of people don’t know this, but you can also customize your vehicle for the cheapest auto insurance. Here are a few of the ways to do so.

Add an Anti-theft Device

This won’t make the car drive faster, but it will bring down insurance premiums. Any time there is a decreased risk involved with the car, you will be eligible for a lower monthly rate. A simple safety device like a car alarm will make the vehicle harder to steal, which will be safer for the insurance companies. The entire premium rate that you pay is based on how likely the insurance company would have to repair or replace the vehicle. By making it more difficult for vandals and thieves to gain access, you are adding a modification that will successfully give you cheaper auto insurance.

Add Seat Belts to Older Models

Before the mid 1900′s, cars were not manufactured with seat belts. The first standard seat belt was added to the Saab GT 750 in 1958. After that, many auto manufacturers followed suit, and by the mid 60′s they were pretty much standard in most commercial cars. However, some manufacturers did not incorporate retractable seat belts until much later, and owning a car without seat belts is a large liability for auto insurers. Simply installing seat belts, or updating existing ones, can provide you with cheaper auto insurance right off the bat.

Other Modifications That Will Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

For the most part, anything that will lower the amount of perceived risk will have a good chance of bringing you cheaper auto insurance premiums every month. Car radios are a major thief magnet, so detachable radios that can be taken out when the car is not in use may be able to help out a bit. In addition, steering wheel locks will make the car impossible to drive, and thus less tempting for would-be carjackers. Driving safety features can also play a part, such as rear facing cameras for backing up.

Modifications That Won’t Give you Cheaper Auto Insurance

Just as there are customizations that can potentially lower your insurance rates, so there are mods that will raise the insurance premiums. Installing any sort of performance upgrade will make your car harder to insure. These can include turbochargers or high-performance fuel injectors. Not only can these modifications raise the insurance rates, but insurance companies often won’t cover those parts at all. If they get stolen, the replacement comes out of your own pocket. For cheaper auto insurance, it’s always a good idea to leave those mods to the movies.

Besides modifying your vehicle, there are plenty of other methods to get very cheap car insurance, including just talking to your insurance agent to figure out what levels of coverage you may not need, or using the form at the top of the page to find cheap insurance, even cheap car insurance for young drivers.

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