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My Favorite Cars of 2012

This past weekend was the 2012 car show in my area. My husband works for a dealership so we were able to get in for free, so why not? I’ve been to a car show once before and I had a great time. This time around we had our two kids with us, so we weren’t able to see all the cars, but we got a decent sampling.

We started off in the Mazda section, and I have to say that I was underwhelmed. I hopped into the Mazda 3 and had a few impressions — 1. The outside looks just like every other sedan out there and nothing really grabs me. 2 – The dashboard was average and didn’t make me feel like it was the new car of my dreams and 3 – MP3 hookups and USB ports where not standard. You know what is standard in a Mazda? NOTHING. Oh, yeah,  a CD player. Like people still listen to CD’s! I’m sorry but if I’m going to put down a load of cash on a brand new car. I want my AUX to come standard.

Next we went to Jeep. Good reliable Jeep. They had a huge display where you could get the chance to drive the jeeps up a steep hill, over some logs, and across a rocky terrain. They did a great job of grabbing my attention with that. If we didn’t have the munchkins along, we would have hopped in for a ride. Just watching other people drive the course made me think that if I was looking for an off road vehicle, that would be my choice.

My favorite section was Nissan. I used to own an Altima, so I admit I have an affinity for the car. If we didn’t need a bigger family vehicle than we would never have sold that thing. I got into the 2012 model and instantly felt at ease. MP3 and UBS ports standard? You Bet. Nice dashboard? One the best I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the steering wheel call feature. If I was looking for a sedan this car would be my choice, hands down.  My husband didn’t care much for the convertible Murano they had on display, but if bought a convertible, I would want that one. You could fit four people comfortably and still have plenty of storage space. If I lived near the beach I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Of course families have to think about family cars so you we looked at all of the minivans. As far as features go, the Toyota Sienna won by a long shot. Captains’ chairs with recliner feet rests? Yes please! The DVD system was far and above as well. One long screen could be showing two movies, a movie and a video game, or one big screen experience. Really nice for the kids. I didn’t mind sitting in the front seat either.

All in all there was a great offering of cars. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find a great car. There’s no need to settle with the options and offers some cars have. And if you get the chance to go to a car show, I would recommend it!

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