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What You Need to Know About Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance

Driving a car in my city is a pretty common thing. With a minimal public transportation system, owning and driving a car really is the only way to get from point A to point B. Even though driving is so commonplace, many people do not even know the basics of car care.Here are the basics of your car that every car owner/driver needs to know.

  • How to check and change the oil. Having the right amount of oil in your car is key to having a successful trip. Your car will NOT run without oil and you can ruin the engine if it gets too low. Most cars have an oil light on the dashboard to alert the driver that the oil is low, but it is safer to check it regularly. To change/check your oil, pop open the hood. There should be a small knob with a picture of an oil can with a few drops coming out of it. Near the oil knob, there is a thin metal stick. Pull it out. On the stick are two notches. The oil should make a mark on the stick somewhere between the two notches. If it is too low, you need to put oil in STAT.
  • How to get cheap young driver car insurance. Unfortunately, many young drivers are paying way too much for car insurance. But with a few nimble key strokes, you can get cheap young driver car insurance quotes within minutes. And since you are required by law to have car insurance, you mights as well get it and save yourself some extra cash.
  • How to change a tire. If you get a flat tire or blow out your tire, it might be tempting to just drive on it real slow until you get to the service station. Don’t do it! Driving on a flat will damage the rim of your car. To change your tire all you need is a spare tire (which most cars have in the trunk), a car jack and a tire iron. First, get out your car jack and put it under the base of your car. Using the tire iron, you will increase the height of the jack until your car lifts off the ground. Once there is not any pressure on the tire, you will take off the lug nuts and remove the tire. After you put on the new tire, place the lug nuts back on and secure. Slowly lower the car with the jack until it is back on the ground. And then drive to the nearest tire store. Spare tires are not meant as a replacement for your regular tires.
  • How to wash your car. Washing your car can enhance the look of the car, as well as ward off rust from salt. To hand wash, use a gentle soap (not dish soap) to clean the exterior. Be careful to not wash it when temps are too high or too low.

It is easy to compare cheap car insurance quotes online. Just enter your zip code at the top of the page and find cheap young driver car insurance now.

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