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Is It Worth It To Own A Car?

As usual, I was running late this morning for work. After pushing the snooze button on my alarm for my regular 5 times before dragging myself out of bed, I was late. With breakfast in one hand, I rushed out the door, inserted my keys in the ignition and……… nothing. My car was dead.This is not the first time I have had troubles with my car. A beloved 1991 Acura Legend, my car was a dinosaur. It still ran and got me from point a to point b, it was obvious that the 230,000 miles I had put on him were starting to wear down the little car.In an act of defiance, it did not start this morning. There I was without a ride to work. And I wondered why I ever trusted this aging hunk of metal. I even insured this thing with cheap auto insurance for young drivers and now here it sits, an expensive adornment on my driveway. Then I thought, Is is even worth it to own a car? Owning and driving a car can be a pain. And here is why it might not be worth it.

1. Auto insurance prices are costly. Is it a myth that cheap auto insurance for young drivers exists? Of course not. Cheap auto insurance for young drivers is out there. But it still costs a monthly premium. And this is one cost that you cannot get out of when owning a car. Did you know that it is the law to have auto insurance to drive a car? You are bound to pay for that insurance. Think about it. Let’s say, hypothetically, that your car insurance is $100 a month. Save that for a year and you could buy a trip instead. So check out the online car insurance quotes they have on most insurance company sites. There is even one at the top of this page.

2. Gas prices. Fuel prices have skyrocketed this year. Thankfully, the prices are starting to settle back down, but for a time it cost more than $4 a gallon to fill up your take with unleaded gas. If you drive around regularly, this could amount to $300 to $500 a month just on gas.

3. It is bad for the environment. Plain and simple, cars create pollution. Pollution has significantly negative effects on the environment, some that might not be reversible.

4. Cheaper transportation alternatives. Live close enough to work? Hop on your bike. Not only will you squeeze in a work out but you will not use gas or create pollution with your car. If it takes too long to get to work, consider public transportation. Living in a big city can have its perks with a train, Metro or other fast public transportation. I took the bus to school for 3 years. Sure it took longer, but it saved me a bundle in gas costs, wear and tear on my car and parking fees. Plus I had the opportunity to do my homework and sleep while other commuters slaved away in traffic. Bus or train not an option for you? Think about carpooling. Pitching in for gas with co-workers can save you a bundle.

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