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Why It’s Hard To Find Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults

I recently got a smart phone. It was, as one could describe, as love at first sight. We have spent many days and night together solving problems, communicating with friends and checking email.I have everything at my fingertips. Every. thing. Bored at the long check out line at Wal-Mart (when is it not long?), text a friend. Waiting at the doctor’s office, check the latest headlines. Waiting at a painfully long traffic light, and….. wait, I’m getting a ticket?Yes, my friends. You can get a ticket for texting your friends while waiting at the traffic light. A newly minted rule in my state has made it illegal to text while driving. The stats are all there: texting while driving is equivalent to driving while under the influence, it is a leading cause of traffic accidents involving young adults, it has taken lives, etc. It can be tricky for cops to see drivers actually texting so they are nabbing these unassuming young drivers at traffic lights because, technically, you are driving. Ouch.While most young drivers are more focused on looking cute while driving, one of their biggest concerns should be finding cheap auto insurance for young adults. But a distracted driving ticket has the same negative affect on your driving record: hiked up insurance rates.

Plain and simple, distracted driving leads to expensive auto insurance rates for young adults. Auto insurance agencies are concerned about young drivers. Young drivers as a population tend to get in a significantly larger amount of accidents than their older counterparts. An easy assumption for this is that young drivers cannot multitask as well. Or perhaps, older drivers do not take as many risks. But whatever the reason, it affects the ability to find cheap auto insurance for young adults.

And driving distracted tickets are one of the biggest reasons that it is difficult to find cheap auto insurance for young adults. Thankfully, most of these tickets are just small infractions. But if you caused a crash because you were texting and someone died, you could be charged with manslaughter. If convicted, this means jail time. Yikes.

After hearing public service announcements about how texting can kill, I thought, Wow. What would be in a text message to make it more important than someone’s life? What if I actually killed someone and it could have been prevented? I do not think I could live with that guilt.

Unfortunately, many people don’t feel the same way. I see many people texting while driving. (Once I even saw someone reading a book while driving on the freeway!) But you can break the cycle and prevent an accident.

The next time you pick up your phone to text while driving, think about what it could cost. If you are tempted, turn your phone off or put it where you cannot reach it. If you have a passenger in the car, convince them to be the scribe for you and dictate your text message to them. If you MUST text, pull over.

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