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Best Ways To Get Auto Insurance For Teenagers

A teenager behind the wheel of a car equals a parent’s worst nightmare. The day I got my learner’s permit was the day my dad started to lose significant amounts of sleep. (It also consequently was around the same time I started dating. Coincidence? Probably not.)

The stress of a teenage driver in the house really took a toll on my parents. Being young for my grade, I wanted to drive more than anything. My parents delayed getting my license as long as humanly possible. But when I got a job and needed transportation, my parents had no choice but to relent.

Were my parents worries about a new driver on the road unfounded? Not at all. Within the first 6 months I had my first fender bender, to the horrified dismay and disappointment of my parents.

Sadly, my tale is not an isolated incident. Most young drivers are a source of anxiety for their parents. And a danger on the road, at least according to auto insurance agencies.

It is a fact that teenagers are a threat on the road. Blame it on a reckless and c’est la vie attitude, but young drivers are more accident prone. Perhaps the weight of 3,000 pounds of metal beneath a 16-year-old driver is not enough to show a teen how serious of a responsibility driving is.

Young drivers are typically more easily distracted. In my state young drivers are not allowed to drive with friends in the car until 6 months after they earn their license. The distraction of music, food and friends proves too much for a young mind.

These distractions are a prime reason why auto insurance for teenagers is going to cost a pretty penny. Getting auto insurance for teenagers is not an easy task. Auto insurance agencies consider teenagers a risk. High risks can mean the auto insurance agencies have to fork over big dollars.

Sure, parents might wish their kids would never get a license. That is if they want to continue a career as chauffeur. So if you do not imagine spending your waking hours behind the wheel of your car, it’s time to get your kid a license.

Getting the license can be a labor of love, but that is just the first step. Before a teenager can even get behind the wheel on his or her own, you must get auto insurance.

One of the best ways to get auto insurance for teenagers is to sign them up with the same insurance agency as the parents. Many insurance agencies will offer discounts when you insure multiple drivers under the same policy. And with the high cost of auto insurance for teenagers, parents need any discount they can get.

But the best way to keep auto insurance costs cheap is to encourage your teen to be a safe driver. The rule is the same for adults as it is for teens: the cleaner (read: safer) the driver, the cheaper the monthly rate.

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