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Winter Car Maintenance

I live in a snowy place. Most years we’ve had a huge dump of the white stuff by the end of December. This year has been a bit dryer, but that hasn’t kept the snow plows off the roads. With the changes in temperature and all kinds of precipitation here are a few tips to keeping your car in tip-top shape.


Wash it – I know, it’s winter. When the snowplows are out dumping salt and dirt on the road it’s next to impossible to keep you car clean. Not to mention the snow itself sometimes dirties everything up. But in all seriousness, it’s good for you car. That salt and dirt can corrode your undercarriage if you don’t wash your car. And that’s the other thing — you need to buy the premium wash so that they do the undercarriage as well. If you don’t, then there really is no point to washing the car. So whether or not it will get dirty the next day, wash your car, and wash it often.


Keep Washer Fluid Around – It’s always a good idea during months with precipitation to keep extra washer fluid in the back end of your car. Washer fluid can be vital to your vision. You want to make sure you are stocked, especially if you commute or are going on a long road trip. It’s such a simple thing to help you drive safe.


Don’t Let Your Car Run too Long – On those chilly days it is good to let your car have about thirty seconds to a minute to warm up. But don’t let it go much longer than that. A car will actually perform better if you start driving slow. It will give the oil a fighting chance to make its way through your car and get everything going.


Buy good gas – You can’t always avoid buying bad gas. Sometimes even the most reputable stations get a bad batch, but sometimes you need to spend a little more to ensure your car works right. The other day I got some bad gas in my car. I’ve have never had a problem starting the car until the combination of the gas and cold made it freeze up.  Try to avoid lower quality stations and buy the grade of gas recommended in your cars manual. In fact, this is a good year-round practice if you want your car to last a long time. I know gas prices are high, but it will cost a lot more to repair a car or even buy a new one.


As Always, Drive Safe – I have this saying. I’ve said it on here quite a bit but I think it needs to be said again. Nothing is more important than your life. No matter where you have to get or how mad you boss will be. Driving crazy in winter conditions isn’t worth your life. Drive as slow as you need to. Do whatever makes you feel the safest and don’t worry about rude people around you. The only thing you can do is drive as safe as you can.

In summary, there are many things you can do to have a safe winter and working car. My only hope is that my tips have helped you in some way. Drive Safe!

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