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How Important is Tire Pressure?

So many things can go wrong with a car and the last thing anyone wants to think about are the tires. When that check engine light comes on, I think our minds immediately flash to, well, the engine. Although the check engine light does sense other things on the car, it does not sense tire pressure.

My vehicle has a separate sensor for tire pressure, but it’s a bit faulty (aren’t all of those little lights?) and by faulty I mean that the first time the temperature drops for the winter the tire pressure sensor comes on whether the pressure is bad or not. Because of this, I tend to ignore that little sensor because there is no telling when it’s accurate or not.

However, there is a reason why tire pressure sensors are being put on more and more cars. The reason is because tire pressure is important. Very important. Here are some things to pay attention too –


Gas Mileage

It’s true, if your tires aren’t the correct pressure you could be spending more money on gas. It is such a small thing to drive over to the air pump at the gas station and fill up those tires. It costs you nothing, and you save money in the long run because your car will perform better.


Increases the Life of Your Tires

I know, this is one of those well duh kind of things. But the fact remains that it’s true. If your tire pressure isn’t correct either the weight of your car is pounding on the tread or the tire is stressed out from being too full. New tires are expensive, and I would rather keep up on tire maintenance than have to buy a new set of four.


How do I know my tire pressure is correct?

You can buy a simple pressure gauge for less than five dollars at your local grocery or automotive store. Five dollars is worth the investment for what you’re getting out of it. A lot of newer cars have a little sticker on the inside of the door (on the driver’s side) that will tell you the correct pressure. If you’re like me and your car doesn’t have that sticker the manual will do. Otherwise just google your make and model looking for tire pressure. What’s the internet for, right?


This is one of those little things you can do to keep your car healthy and save you money in the long run. Don’t overlook your tires as a passive thing that helps you get from point A to point B. Be aware of these kinds of maintenance issues and soon you’ll find you’re are spending less money on repairs and more time enjoying your ride.

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