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How Does Your Driving Affect Air Quality?

I live in a place where each winter brings batches of icky air. If we go more than a day without a strong wind or a storm the air gets thick with dust and grime. They caution people to drive less on these days and avoid going places if they can, but hardly anyone does. I mean, you can’t just miss work because of the quality of air. Yet, there are a things that can be done by regular commuters to improve on this situation.


It’s Better to Idle Than to Turn Your Car On and Off

Just hear ne out on this one. I didn’t believe it either when I first heard it. But think about it. When you start your engine you are releasing a big poof of nastiness into the air at once. If your car has been running for a while then the amount it’s putting out per-second is significantly less.   Does that mean you should leave your car idling all day? No. This only applies to short term situations where you don’t really need to turn that engine on and off.


Don’t Discount Buses and Car-Pools

In a perfect world every commuter would take advantage of these resources. But the world isn’t perfect and there are many reasons why someone can’t participate. But the fact remains that commuting is stressful. Using these resources not only helps the air quality, but your sanity as well. Think about everything you could get done during your commute. Most buses have wi-fi now so things you want to get done can be done. Plus, it is just plain good for everyone else. And the more cars off the road, the faster your commute will be.


Sometimes Things are Out of Your Control

This, among other things, I will recognize. Some of us do all we can and still the air suffers. We can’t control the choices of others, but I still don’t believe that is the main problem. We need trucks to deliver food to our stores and supplies to our offices, but these put out huge amounts of poisonous gases into the air. Regulations are being set all the time in a effort to improve these situations, but really some things are out of our control. The most we can do, is all we can do. We can live the example and tell others, but we can’t argue about it. That does nothing to help, it will only set the other party in their determined course.


When it comes to air quality I think most of us want what is best for the world around us. We should use our delegation over our planet responsibly. Think about what we can do to improve our quality of life as well as the life of those around us.

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