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A Clueless Woman’s Perspective on Cars

I know virtually nothing about cars. I know how to drive one. I know the basics of how it works, but when it comes to an in-depth perception I am completely clueless. It’s funny that married a car guy (or should I say it’s fate) because I’m clueless enough that he has to carry me through many car issues.

The other day I went to pick up my son from pre-school. The school is less than a minutes’ drive from my house. So I arrive, pick up my son, and hop back in the car. Everything is going well until… the car door will not shut. It’s the driver’s door that won’t close. I inspect the door and see the problem  – the little latch that hooks onto the door is stuck in the down position not allowing me to shut the door.

I fiddle with it for a bit, but there are other moms waiting and I’m not that far from home. So I drive away holding the door in place, thank goodness I have an automatic car. Upon my arrival home I shuffle the kids inside and take one more look at the car door. I can’t just leave it hanging, and the dumb thing will not budge. I run in and out a few times to check on the kids and before long it’s been fifteen minutes and I’m no closer to my goal.

I pull out my phone in a frantic mess. My husband picks up, and I begin to ramble. “Honey, I can’t get the car door to close.”

“Just calm down,” he says  hearing the panic in my voice and the aching in my finger from fiddling with the latch, “what’s going on?”

“The latch thing is down and it won’t move and I can’t shut the door and I was planning on going to the store today.”

I hear an audible sigh from his end. “Hasn’t this happened before?”

“Yes, but I can’t remember what I did and I don’t how to get the thing to shut.”

His voice is more measured as he continues. Perhaps he is trying not to laugh, I can’t tell. “Did you try lifting the handle as you moved the latch.”

“Lifting the handle?”

“yes, go ahead and try it now.”

I put the phone between my ear and my shoulder and try lifting the handle then pulling the latch. It worked! Of course it worked, I remember now because I have done this before and of course lifting the handle is what’s going to make the thing budge. Like I said, I’m clueless about cars.

“Thank you honey! Gosh I feel dumb.”

“Maybe you should write it down so you don’t forget next time.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” *hangs up phone*

The truth is, I was really grateful. It was this minor little thing but I had no idea how to handle it. Thank goodness this clueless car girl has married a car guy. Otherwise I might be driving around with my door duct-taped shut.

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