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Driving: Getting from Point A to Point B

We depend our cars to get us to and from a myriad of places every day. For some it’s just to work and back. For others that may include a little trip to get some lunch during the day. For moms like me it’s to the grocery store, school, play dates, etc. etc. It’s important that we get to places we need to go in one piece and on time.

It almost frightens me to think of the days when it took twenty-four hours to go twenty-four miles (if you walked slowed or where with a large group). That kind of time now-a-days would give most people an anxiety attack. We are on the go, and we don’t have time to take an entire day for a trip to the store. Yet, we are fraught with the perils of other drivers. Here are a few that most impede my progress from point a to point b.


The Crawler

There is nothing wrong with going an acceptable speed. It’s good, encouraged even by the signs surrounding you. But everyone once in awhile you’ll find someone who is either happily oblivious to the speed limit or they just like to take things slow. To play it safe, they go twenty-five even though there are speed limit signs posted everywhere. I have a street like this in my little town. The speed limit is thirty-five and there are four signs along the mile and half stretch of road that say so. Still, almost daily, someone will be going twenty-five. Makes me forget about my resolution to keep road rage under control.


The Oblivious

Even worse than those that crawl are those who are completely oblivious of everything. The speed limit, the fact that I have my blinker on, or the fact that they need to turn their blinker on. Often times these people are on their cell phones or just plain distracted in their own head. They don’t notice anyone passing them, they make lane changes with no warning, then they slow to stop  and you are stuck behind them not realizing they were planning to make a left turn. No one is a mind reader, and this kind of driving is just plain dangerous. Whenever I run across the oblivious I either pass them the first chance I get or take a different route.  They are not worth it to me!


The Speed Demon

Often these types of drivers parade around on bullet bikes and Honda Civics. They are the kind of people that come from out of nowhere and zoom past you then only get two cars ahead. By the next light you will be sitting right next to them, and you can see how frustrated they are because they have a need for speed and live on the dangerous side of the road. Often times I’ll see one of these guys pass me, and I’ll think “I sure hope they get pulled over” well from now on I’m calling to report them, I’m putting the number in my phone and jotting down license plates. There is no need to be reckless with the people around you.


Good driving seems to be a rare gem these days, but it is out there. We all need to take a harder look at ourselves and find where we can improve while on the road. That we way we can all be happy going from point a to point b.

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