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Smart Car-Is It Really Smart?

The Smart Car is known for its amazing gas mileage and easy parking. It seems like a smart (no pun intended) choice,but it hasn’t been a huge hit in America.  It originally became a huge success in European Countries because of how hard it is to find parking in big cities, and also because of how expensive gas can be. Smart Cars have  had a harder time becoming popular in America because the demand for a very small car to park isn’t as high and there are other cars that get good gas mileage that are in competition with them. Smart Cars have been more popular in Urban cities in the United States where parking is hard to find.The 700-pound  car is only about a full arms length apart (for most adults) and is a two seater and has a very tiny back trunk area. That being said the car is very small. If you have ever been inside one or seen it driving, you will know that the Smart Car is very tiny.

There are a few reasons you  would want to get a Smart Car. First, like we have already talked about earilier, they get very good gas mileage. The tiny car gets an average of  40 miles per gallon driving around town and on the highway. It has an 8.7 gallon gas tank, which will get you around 350 miles. That is alot of savings on gas! Second, they are SO TINY. Of course they are very small and tiny and are totally adorable, but they are also very practicle if you live in a big city where parking is a nightmare. You can actually park straight into a side of the road parking spot, instead of having to parallell park. That would be really nice when trying to find a spot in a busy city like L.A. or San Francisco. Third, brand new Smart Cars only cost around $12,000. That is a pretty good deal for a brand new car that does all that it can.

There are also a few reasons you might steer away from a Smart Car. First, it caps at about 90 MPH. If you are a speeder, this probably isn’t the car for you. Second, it doesn’t have a lot of oomph. If you like a quick acellerator, you might not like this car. It accelerates from 0-60 in about 12.8 seconds. Third, it is very small. If you need space for bags, groceries, or anything else, it might be hard to be in such a small space. You might consider a car that actually has a trunk.

So depending on what you want out of a car will decide on whether a Smart Car would work for you. If you wouldn’t mind a smaller car that gets you around with ease and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on gas then you might consider it. But if you would be more comfortable in a faster, bigger car, and gas mileage isn’t your biggest worry, a Smart Car might not be such a good idea.


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