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3 Annoying Things to Consider When Buying a Car

Car buying can be a fun and excruciating process. Just the thought of what car is best for you can be difficult with the amount of choices out there. But whether you get an SUV or a minivan, a Toyota or a Honda, there are a few things that should be considered when buying a car.

Since not everything about buying a car is easy, here are three things to consider (no matter how annoying) before making the purchase.


Not all Interiors are Created Equal

That statement, no matter how obvious it may sound, has more to it than you might think. True, most would pick leather over fabric any day, but that’s not the main issue to consider (however great the issue may be). Some cars have ‘quirks’ about their interiors that are just plain, well, annoying.

I had a friend who wanted a certain car that shall remain unnamed. She believed it was her dream car, it had just the look she wanted, and it fit her needs. A couple years after buying it, she discovered something that really bothered her about the car. Lots of plastic parts that broke easily and were expensive to replace. It annoyed her to the point of selling the car and not wanting to own another one like it.

This can be easily avoided by looking up repair forums for the vehicle you want to purchase before buying the car. The average person has no problem venting online about everything that is wrong with their car, and it can make you a more informed consumer.


The Price of Parts

None of us want to face it, but cars break down. Those of us less mechanically inclined, like to buy new cars with warranties in hopes of avoiding a mechanical meltdown. But not all of us have the luxury of getting a new car, or purchasing a $5,000 warranty. For that category of people the price of parts matter.  It’s not hard to research what common parts cost and it can make a difference down the road with the car.

It’s also something to consider if you are planning on keeping your car longer than your warranty. The price of parts might come back to haunt you, if you haven’t done your research first.


Previous Ownership and/or Recalls

Most dealerships these days include a Carfax report. It’s common sense to know where your car has been so you can judge how it will do in the future. But if you’re buying from a private seller, the research needs to be done before hand. When you talk to people on the phone about a car you’re interested in, don’t be shy about filling in the Carfax report. Yes, it does cost a little bit to run the report, but if you’re interested in it, the report is worth the cost. Many private sellers are printing out thier reports to show those interested in buying. But more often, they’re not. No matter how much we want everyone to be honest, they aren’t, so check the facts.

Also, a simple google search for the make and model of your car will show any recalls that may apply. It could save you some cash.


All in all, buying a car isn’t easy, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure you get the nest bang for your buck.

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