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Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Idaho

When most people think about Idaho, they immediately think of potatoes, which are one of this state’s major exports. Idaho is also known as the “Gem State,” because of its many mines, and is also the 13th largest state in the US. Idaho has a high quality of life with low crime statistics, low cost of living, and, for the past several years running, the cheapest car insurance in the U.S. Here is some useful information on driving and getting Idaho car insurance.

Idaho Driving Hazards

Idaho has a rugged natural terrain crisscrossed by craggy snow-capped mountains and windy plateaus. It receives a lot of snow during the winter, but it is not known for tornadoes. Flash-flooding can occur during the late-summer thunderstorms and the early spring snowmelts, and the rural roads can be very rugged, so four-wheel vehicles are the norm in the country. Overall, the main reasons why there is such cheap Idaho car insurance is because there are not a lot of extreme weather or other natural reasons that can drive insurance costs up as in other states.

Idaho Facts and Figures

  • Idaho is ranked as the state with the cheapest car insurance for the past three years in a row. The cost for a  six-month policy for liability-only Idaho car insurance was $436.
  • 1,442 vehicles were stolen in Idaho in 2009, making it one of the lowest-risk states for car theft in the U.S.
  • There were 22,992 vehicle crashes in Idaho in 2009. Of these crashes, 199 were fatal, yielding 226 deaths.58 of these fatalities, or 26%, were DUI-related.

Mandatory Insurance

Car insurance in Idaho is mandatory. The state requires auto liability coverage on every vehicle, regardless of whether it is functioning or not, even if the driver’s license is suspended. Not keeping car insurance valid continuously can lead to revocation of vehicle tags, driver’s licenses, and high fines. Liability coverage pays for bodily injury costs and property damage costs to the injured party when the insurer driver causes the accident. The state’s minimum levels of coverage are 25/50/15, meaning that:

  • Bodily injury liability per-person maximum payout is $25,000.
  • Bodily injury liability per-incident maximum payout is $50,000.
  • Property damage liability per-incident maximum payout is $15,000.

Why Having More Coverage Makes Sense

Anything over the state minimums in damages from an accident would be the at-fault driver’s responsibility, which could make you vulnerable to expensive litigation. By carrying more than the mandatory minimum liability insurance you can save yourself serious financial problems. Carrying collision and comprehensive coverage is not required, but it will be necessary if your car is financed; these types of coverage will help pay for your property damages in the case of an at-fault accident or damage by natural causes or theft and vandalism.

Getting Cheap Idaho Car Insurance

There are many ways to decrease the already low prices for Idaho car insurance. Idaho insurers offer programs for young drivers who have successfully completed driver’s education courses, and there is a “55 Alive” program for senior drivers which awards a discount for completion. Increase your collision and comprehensive deductibles to lower your monthly premiums, bundle your insurance policies through the same company to get a multi-policy discount, and join an auto club like AAA to get organization discounts.

Getting cheap Idaho car insurance is much easier when you have lots of information at hand. Since car insurance is relatively inexpensive to begin with regardless of where you live, arm yourself with multiple quotes from several reputable auto insurers who are licensed to do business in Idaho. Compare coverage and prices of cheap auto insurance quotes online to find the right one for your pocketbook and situation. Let us help you find your next auto insurer by giving you the best free, instant quotes in the industry. Finding low cost car insurance for teenagers is no longer impossible.

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