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Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Nevada

Nevada became the 36th state in 1864. Its name means “snowy” in Spanish, its name coming from the snow-capped peaks of the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains in the northern part of the state. Nevada became famous originally for its gold, silver and other precious metals, but it remained famous with the establishment of legalized prostitution and gambling in Reno and Las Vegas. Car insurance in Nevada is very expensive, in keeping with the high cost of living in the big cities of the “Silver State.”

Nevada Driving Hazards

Nevada is a state of contrasts. In the north, the mountains receive heavy snows and the roads can become obstructed, where in the southern part of the state the extreme heat of the desert in the summertime can cause tire blowouts and malfunctions. Sandstorms and flash floods can be problematic in the desert as well, while in the cities the biggest problems are vehicle theft and reckless or impaired driving.

Nevada Facts and Figures

  • Nevada ranks at number 48 on the least-expensive auto insurance list. This means that Nevada car insurance quotes are very expensive. The average cost for a liability-only policy for a six-month term is $876. (InsWeb)
  • Las Vegas ranked second on the list of most vehicle theft-prone cities in the US in 2007. 12,379 vehicles were stolen in 2009 in Nevada, making this state very high-risk as far as auto insurer evaluations. However, this number is down by almost half from figures in the first five years of the new century. (NVDOT)
  • There were 62,225 vehicle crashes reported in 2006. There were 223 crash fatalities reported in Nevada in 2009, 33% of which were alcohol-related. (NVDOT)

Mandatory Insurance Coverage

Just like most other US states, Nevada car insurance quotes is required. Every driver has to present proof of insurance when they go to renew their vehicle registrations or driver’s licenses, and without this proof (a special ID card), they cannot renew. Insurers notify the state whenever a person cancels or allows their Nevada car insurance to lapse, after which the state sends a request for insurance verification. If this is not provided, the tags and license of the person are suspended and a fine is levied for non-compliance.

Liability Minimums

The minimum coverage limits required for liability-only Nevada car insurance are 15/30/10. Liability pays for medical bills and property damage costs incurred by the victims in the event the insured driver causes an accident. These maximum amounts translate into $15,000 per individual in bodily injury compensation, $30,000 in total incident bodily injury compensation, and $10,000 in total property damage repair for the accident victim. Anything over these will be the responsibility of the insured, which is why it is better to purchase more coverage.

Driving in Nevada

Nevada drivers are prohibited from texting or using a mobile phone while driving, unless they use a hands-free apparatus. Teen drivers have to participate in a Graduated Driver’s License program. The GDL imposes driving limitations for certain times and other restrictions until the teen has completed the various levels of the training program. Once they are awarded a normal driver’s license the teen is entitled to a serious discount in their Nevada car insurance quotes. Drivers are also encouraged to install anti-theft systems due to the high rate of car theft.

Getting Cheap Nevada Car Insurance Quotes

For those with imperfect driving records it can be difficult to find cheap Nevada car insurance quotes, especially with car insurance for teenagers. These drivers must often rely on companies for high-risk drivers, but after at least a year of constant coverage and no blemishes on their records, they can usually get better rates. Taking driver’s education courses can also earn premium discounts, as can bundling multiple insurance policies through the same insurer. Getting multiple quotes in order to compare prices and policies is the best way to choose the right policy for your circumstances.

Nevada is home of “Sin City,” with all its charms and evils. It is also home of some of the most expensive car insurance in the nation. Getting cheap Nevada car insurance quotes can be challenging, even for those with excellent driving records. Allow us to find the best auto insurance quotes for your price range and specifications. Our service is free, fast and reliable.

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