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Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Oregon

Oregon is located in the verdant green Pacific Northwest, between Washington State and California. Admitted as the 43rd state in 1859, Oregon was the destination point for the famous Oregon Trail, which brought thousands of settlers from the Eastern states into the wide expanses of the West. Some of this state’s most important industries are fisheries and timber, and the state has a reputation for its wild outdoors. The overall cost of living in Oregon is slightly below the national average, and Oregon car insurance is some of the most affordable in the country.

Oregon Driving Hazards

Oregon’s climates are dominated by the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Cascade Mountains in the east and north. Generally, the state’s weather is very mild, with rainy winters and springs except in the mountains. Flooding does occasionally happen, but tornadoes and other severe weather are almost unheard-of. The National Park Service or the Bureau of Land Management holds almost half of the state’s land, and the roads in these portions of the state are not as well maintained as in the rest of the state.

Oregon Facts and Figures

  • Oregon ranked number 19 on the list of least-expensive states for auto insurance in 2010. The average price for a six-month policy with only liability insurance was $579, making car insurance in Oregon some of the most affordable in the nation.
  • There were 41,271 vehicle crashes reported in Oregon in 2009, with 377 fatalities. The majority of these crashes were attributable to driver errors such as not observing proper following distance, running red lights/stop signs, loss of control due to speeding, and aggressive driving.
  • 9,869 vehicles were reported as stolen in Oregon in 2009, which is one of the lowest auto-theft rates in the country. This rate also dropped by more than 2,000 vehicles since the previous year.
  • Oregon is one of the few no-fault auto insurance states in the country. Car insurance in Oregon must include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) per person and uninsured driver insurance apart from the standard liability coverage.

Mandatory Auto Insurance in Oregon

Every driver in Oregon must maintain the minimum auto liability coverage on their vehicle at all times, or they will risk forfeiting the vehicle registrations, license privileges and plates. New residents must obtain local insurance on their vehicle within 30 days of moving into the state or risk having their insurance cancelled and not being able to request an Oregon driver’s license. Minimum liability requirements on every policy are 25/50/20, which translates into maximum payouts of:

$25,000 per person in bodily injury coverage

$50,000 total per incident in bodily injury coverage

$20,000 in total property damage coverage per incident

Oregon Special Requirements and Penalties

Additional mandatory car insurance in Oregon includes uninsured and PIP coverage in the following amounts:

  • $15,000 in PIP coverage per person
  • $25,000 per person in uninsured motorist coverage per person
  • $50,000 per incident in uninsured motorist coverage

Driving uninsured will result in being fined, having your vehicle towed, and being convicted of driving uninsured will mean you are required to file an SR22 form with the state DMV for three years or risk having your driver’s license suspended, aside from having to pay court costs and fees. Maintaining the minimums is also not recommended by insurance agents, who say that it is best to keep at least $100,000 in individual bodily injury plus $300,000 total incident bodily injury coverage. The state randomly requests insurers to provide coverage information on certain vehicles every month, and if your vehicle is chosen and you are uninsured, your tags and license will be revoked.

Getting Cheap Oregon Car Insurance Quotes

Oregon is a GDL state, meaning that teen drivers must go through a series of progressive steps to earn their full license privileges. Once this program is completed they are eligible for cheap Oregon car insurance quotes. Completion of driver’s education courses will earn insurance discounts, and those who have collision and comprehensive coverage can lower their monthly premiums by increasing their deductibles to at least $500 per incident. Bundling your various insurance policies through the same company will also lower premium prices.

We are able to help you find the most inexpensive Oregon car insurance quotes. Simply allow us to deliver multiple insurance quotes from several registered Oregon insurance companies, and you can choose between them according to your budget and coverage choices. Cheap insurance for young drivers is no longer a myth.

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