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Cheap Online Car Insurance Discounts

Since car insurance has become mandatory in the United States, the insurance market has become extremely competitive with many companies vying for the drivers’ business. Multiple discounts are available for most drivers and while many are offered both off and online, some additional discounts may be available with cheap online car insurance.

Standard Car Insurance Discounts

Most car insurance companies offer a number of discounts like multi car, customer loyalty, defensive driving course and good driver discounts. Drivers looking for cheap online car insurance quotes should look at all the discounts for which they may qualify. Discounts like these can save between five and ten percent on the cost of auto insurance premiums and many drivers may be eligible for several discounts. These standard discounts are usually available both off and online.

Group Auto Insurance Rates

This is another discount that applies regardless of how the insurance is purchased. Associations like AAA, AARP, trade unions and even national sororities and fraternities often negotiate with insurers to provide special rates for their members. While these group rates may not guarantee the lowest car insurance premiums, being a member of a group can help lower car insurance rates. Drivers should check with organizations in which they are members for group auto insurance rates.

Paying with a Credit Card

Buying cheap online car insurance is convenient and automatic payments with a credit card can make it even more convenient. Some auto insurance websites offer special discounts if payment is made with a specific credit card. While direct payment with a checking account is also easy, credit cards remove the worry of making sure the money is in the account each month. Drivers may check with the credit card company or the insurance website to find out about credit card discounts.

Pay for the Full Policy Term

Whether the auto insurance policy is for six months or a year, paying the full amount of the premium at the policy’s inception usually realizes a discount on cheap online car insurance. Monthly payments may be more affordable, but they usually include a finance or service charge which raises the cost of the car insurance. Payment with a credit card may net a credit card discount and save money on insurance finance and service charges.

New Customer Discounts

Drivers who already have car insurance may be able to get a discount for switching to a different auto insurance company. Many websites offer discounts to new customers who are willing to change companies. There may be restrictions on which drivers are eligible for this discount; a poor driving record or failure to maintain car insurance may disqualify some new customers. The new customer discount usually applies only to the initial policy and not to subsequent renewals.

Fierce competition in the auto insurance industry can save savvy drivers money if they look for discounts. While many discounts are offered to all consumers, some may only apply to customers who purchase cheap auto insurance quotes online. Comparison shopping on websites with free instant auto insurance quotes can help drivers find the best car insurance at the most affordable price. Even if you are a teenager you can find cheap insurance for young drivers. Nothing is impossible when you compare rates.

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