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Compare Auto Insurance Rates Online

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

The rates of different car insurance companies can vary widely so it is important to compare the rates of a number of carriers before choosing an auto policy. Most companies offer free rate quotes through an agent, by telephone or online. Visiting the websites of different companies can be time consuming, but there are shortcuts available.

Check Rates for a Current Insurer

Consumers who already have home, life or other insurance policies should check with a current insurer to see if they can save money on all their insurance needs by bundling their policies with one company. Customer loyalty discounts don’t just apply to one policy but to all the policies purchased through one company. Even if the auto rates are higher, the savings on other types of insurance may make bundling the best insurance value.

Compare Discounts


Not all auto insurers offer the same discounts. Drivers who qualify for discounts can save a lot on premiums. When consumers compare auto insurance rates online, they should also ask about discounts offered by each insurer since better discounts translate into lower rates. Some discounts include good driver discounts, defensive driving course discounts, customer loyalty discounts and group membership rates.

Saving Time Online

While it is possible to visit the website of each insurer for their rates, it is time consuming. Many websites offer multiple quotes from different insurance companies. These sites often offer five quotes from different carriers for the same car insurance coverage which eliminates the need to visit 4 extra websites. If a driver wants to compare these rates to a company not offered by a website he or she can got to that company’s website with five rate quotes for comparison.

Getting Free Instant Quotes

Most websites offering free instant quotes to compare cheap auto insurance rates will request some information. It is important that drivers answer the questions honestly to get an accurate quote.  There is no limit on the number of quotes that a consumer can request, so drivers who are purchasing a new car can check the rates for several different models to find the one that is cheapest to insure. Incorrect information about age or driving record will render the quotes useless for comparison.

Compare Insurance Companies

To make the most of instant quotes it is important to compare the reputations of the insurance carriers. Drivers can check consumer reviews online to see which companies offer the best customer service and which carriers are financially stable. A company with an affordable rate and an excellent customer service record offers the best value to consumers. Consumers who compare cheap auto insurance quotes should consider both price and value to get the best deal.

Everyone in America who drives must have auto insurance, but it is a major purchase for most consumers. It is easy to compare auto insurance rates online or by telephone to find the best car insurance at the most affordable price. Websites with quotes from multiple insurers are convenient and save time but smart consumers check for extra discounts and make sure the insurer offers the service they expect.

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