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Progressive Car Insurance Company Information

Progressive Car Insurance has a long history of providing drivers with automobile coverage and has gained popularity in recent years due to initiatives in advertising and promotions that promise low rates and driver discounts. The company has also become a leader in allowing customers to search for rates and policies in a quick, online fashion.

Progressive’s Company History

Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937 in an effort to protect and secure drivers and the company has, as its name suggests, remained progressive and forward-thinking in its business model. Priding itself on innovation and service, Progressive car insurance was first to offer customers the option to pay premiums in installments rather than in an annual sum. It was also the first major car insurance company to launch a website, which has continued to evolve with advances in technology. In addition to providing insurance coverage for automobiles, Progressive also handles coverage for boats, motorcycles, and RVs.

Standing Out From the Competition

One of the ways in which Progressive car insurance stands out from its competitors is by providing a rapid turnaround for those seeking insurance rates. Part of its company mission is to excel in customer service, which it makes available online, by phone, and in person, in order to maintain policies and help new customers find quality coverage at affordable rates. In addition, Progressive insurance agents make themselves available to customers 24 hours a day and many independent insurance agents also have offices across the United States.

Selecting a Policy

Drivers who consider purchasing car insurance through Progressive can select the right policy for them through a variety of options. For those looking to conduct research before purchasing a policy, Progressive car insurance offers a tool to help drivers compare its rates with those of its competitors, even if Progressive’s rates are not the lowest. This can help you find cheap auto insurance quotes online. Monthly or annual policy payments can be made online, via text, and also through traditional methods such as mail and telephone. Policyholders may also be eligible for a variety of discounts, including those given for student car insurance, safe drivers, those who purchase a policy online, and those who make an annual payment in full.

Successful Advertising

Progressive car insurance has experienced recent growth in business, part of which may be attributed to a successful television advertising campaign featuring a female worker who enthusiastically promotes the company to new customers. Progressive’s propensity for offering discounts and providing free car insurance quotes are touted throughout the commercials, as is a new initiative that allows customers to name their price. With this tool, policies are structured as closely as possible to the desired price, granting shoppers the freedom to explore policies while remaining in control of their budget.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

In an effort to establish a presence throughout the country, Progressive is a sponsor and partner of a number of organizations. Near its headquarters in northeast Ohio stands Progressive Park, the major league baseball stadium for the Cleveland Indians, which the insurance company sponsors. The company also sponsors an annual multi-million dollar contest to design fuel-efficient vehicles. In addition to their dedication to achieving high fuel efficiency, Progressive is committed to other green initiatives such as recycling and using environmentally friendly products within its offices.

The main goal of Progressive car insurance is to offer its customers great service at affordable rates while never losing its integrity. With highly customizable products that allow drivers to have more control over their policies, Progressive is a leader in the insurance industry and communities across the country.

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