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State Farm Car Insurance Company Information

State Farm car insurance is the country’s leading provider of automobile insurance coverage. A rich and reputable history and a variety of policy options make State Farm a popular choice for existing policyholders and those looking for car insurance.


History of State Farm

Founded in 1922 by a retired farmer and insurance salesman, State Farm originally served to provide other farmers with car insurance. Its business has since expanded to include home, boat, and life insurance, along with a host of financial services. Available only in the United States and Canada, State Farm car insurance services tens of millions of auto insurance policies each year. The company offers friendly and neighborly service, as suggested by its forty year old jingle, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

Company Mission

State Farm car insurance aims to provide drivers with coverage that keeps them safe while also providing support and guidance when automobile issues arise. State Farms prides itself on having agents who are both professional and approachable towards their customers.  The company’s goal is to provide top-notch service at competitive rates while never losing sight of its values. Building a business based on trust and developing honest relationships with its customers help State Farm remain a leader in the world of car insurance.

Methods of Conducting Business

State Farm strives to provide personalized service to all of its customers, though it also conducts business through other means. With thousands of agents in hundreds of offices, State Farm car insurance is available by contacting local agents online, by phone, or in person. For non-English speaking customers, multilingual agents are available, preventing a language barrier from getting in the way of State Farm providing its services. For those who prefer to handle business online, car insurance policies can be researched, purchased, and maintained through the internet. You can find cheap auto insurance quotes online easily.

Policy and Payment Options

When selecting an auto insurance policy from State Farm, it is important to provide basic information in order to produce the best and most accurate quotes. Shoppers will be asked to disclose details regarding the vehicle, the driver, and general details regarding the driver’s household and residence. Vehicular use is also important in providing accurate rates. After selecting the right coverage, policyholders can pay for State Farm car insurance through a variety of options. Furthermore, payment arrangements can occur automatically and can be done monthly or semi-annually based on the preferences of the policyholder.


In an effort to build stronger and safer communities, State Farm is involved in many philanthropic ventures including funding research to help teenagers become safer drivers, donating resources to improve schools, and providing assistance to environmentally green initiatives. The company also partners with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to improve the quality of life for those facing challenges and adversity. State Farm is also known to fund grants for qualified organizations seeking to improve safety and education in local communities.

As its popularity suggests, State Farm is a leading contender for customers due to its well-respected history and sound reputation. State Farm car insurance is available in a variety of policy options and can be purchased and maintained online or through a neighborhood agent, thus giving it the ability to be highly personalized.

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