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What Options Do Senior Citizens Have for Auto Insurance

What Options Are There for Senior Citizen Auto Insurance?

Senior citizen auto insurance has very high premiums and rates compared to car insurance for young drivers. This is due to the fact that auto insurance companies consider senior drivers at “high risk” for getting into accidents or committing violations. While this is an unfortunate but fundamental fact, there are options for senior drivers to lower those high premiums. Here I have outlined a few options for senior citizen auto insurance.

Certificate of Good Health

It is common for senior citizens to have a number of health conditions. Some of these conditions can impair their driving ability. Others can really affect their mental status, in which case it is entirely unsafe for them to be behind the wheel. This is why auto insurance for mature drivers have really high premiums. If a mature driver can obtain a certificate of good health from a primary physician, that certificate can be presented to the auto insurance company to get a lower premium. A certificate of good health assures the company that the driver is more than capable of operating a vehicle.

55 Alive and Other Safe Driving Courses

A course for senior drivers offered by the American Association of Retired Persons, 55 Alive is a driving course that teaches safety driving techniques for seniors. The course basically helps senior drivers know what they need to avoid road accidents while driving. Many car insurance companies offer discounts on senior citizen auto insurance who have taken and completed the 55 Alive course. They also offer discounts for those who have completed other safe driving courses. They just need a proof of course completion.

Discounts for Mature Drivers

Many senior drivers do not drive nearly as much as young and middle-aged adults. Although seniors may have conditions that increase their risk of getting into accidents on the road, their decreased driving activity may at the same time lessen their chances of getting into such accidents. This being the case, auto insurance companies offer benefits on auto insurance for mature drivers. These companies also reward them by offering mature driver discounts. Furthermore, if senior drivers have great driving records, they can be eligible for other discounts. This is the same for other insurances for other age groups like teenage car insurance.

Loyalty Discounts

Many insurance companies offer loyalty discounts for clients who have been with them for many years. If a senior driver has been with an auto insurance company for many years and the company offers great coverage as well as mature driver discounts, it may be a great idea to stick with that company. This way, the senior driver can take advantage of the company’s loyalty discount. The discount may not be significant but it’s still a way to save a few bucks every month. Senior drivers should talk to an agent to discuss if they are eligible for it.

Active seniors who still get behind the wheel and are very much capable of driving themselves should not get discourage about high premiums on auto insurance for mature drivers. As long as they provide proof of good health, complete a few safe driving classes, and take advantage of the number of discounts they may be eligible for, they can find and enjoy affordable car insurance policies.

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