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Car Insurance Quotes for Sports Cars

Cheap sports car insurance has always been a sore spot among high-end vehicle owners. Sometimes, the higher premiums and lower coverage is a deterrent to even purchasing a sports car in the first place. Looking for affordable car insurance quotes for sports cars can be a hassle, but the trick is really speaking to the right person. It’s also important to understand exactly what car insurance companies consider a sports car.


How Auto Insurance Companies Grade a Carsport 

When you attempt to get your car insured for the first time, someone has to look through all the specs of the auto and decide what class it falls under, whether it falls in the luxury, sedan, sports car, collector’s item, or other classes. They’ll look at what type of car it is, but there’s more to it than that. A Ferrari will be classified as a sports car 99% of the time, but a 1994 T-Bird might not, depending on how the insurance company rates it. They’ll also review the engine capabilities and, most importantly, the cost of parts. Car insurance quotes for sports cars are also based on repair costs.

The Definition of a Sports Car

One factor that nearly always defines a sports car is the number of doors. Without looking at anything else, your auto insurance agent can typically tell if it’s a sports car if it only has two doors. Investigations that are more thorough will consider the engine capabilities, with a V-8 usually signaling the rise into the sports car arena. Any non-factory performance modifications can also bump up the premiums and change your car insurance quotes for sports cars. These mods can be anything from bucket seats to turbochargers.

Factors that Would Lower the Premium on a Sports Car

For starters, the main cost of a premium for cheap sports car insurance is dependent on the cost of repairs. Having a cheaper car, even if it still falls under the sports car rating, would bring down the car insurance quotes. Anything imported, with parts that must be special ordered, will cost more. Second, you can install an improved anti-theft system. If there is less chance that your car will be stolen, you may be able to knock a few bucks of the premium. Lastly, state that all drivers will be over 25. Younger drivers are always more expensive to insure, no matter what type of car they drive.

Sports Car Insurance Quotes Don’t Have to be Expensive

Simply owning a sports car, or a vehicle that could be considered a sports car by some standards, doesn’t have to cripple you with sky-high insurance premiums. In a worst-case scenario, you can always ask for the vehicle to be reevaluated, especially if you feel it doesn’t deserve the rating that it got. Finding cheap sports car insurance can be made less expensive by applying for other kinds of discounts. Safe and defensive driving courses, association or auto club discounts, and policy bundling can also lower the total policy price.

There’s something refreshing about driving a performance vehicle, and it’s a shame that some people would rather not buy one just for fear of high insurance premiums. Remember that it doesn’t have to be that way; there are always ways to bring down the cost of car insurance quotes for sports cars. You can get cheap sports car insurance.

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