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The 5 Fastest Cars in the World

The 5 Fastest Cars in the World

While the fastest cars in the world each come with a hefty price tag that runs into several hundred thousand dollars, no other vehicle can offer the head turning impact that these cars provide. With their sleek aerodynamic design and ultra powerful engines that can reach break neck speeds in just a few short seconds, these vehicles are on the dream list of most men and women across the world. So what are the fastest cars in the world? SSC Ultimate Aero The American made SSC Ultimate Aero has the distinction of being the fastest car in the world with the fastest recorded speed of any vehicle at 413 km/h. It currently has the distinction of being the fastest and one of the most powerful production cars on the planet. An offering of Shelby Super Cars, the basic Aero model was marketed as a mid-engine sports car. The Ultimate is a refined and more powerful version of the basic Aero model and a Guinness World Record holder. The Bugatti Veyron The impressive design of the vehicle and the Bugatti tag are enough to put this vehicle on the “most wanted” list of sports car fans across the world. Coming in at number 2, the Veyron from Bugatti can easily clock 408 km/h. Introduced to the world in 2005, by the Volkswagen Subsidiary, Bugatti, the vehicle boasts of a 987 HP engine. The Veyron currently cost a whopping $1.1 million, making it the most expensive car in the world. The vehicle is also recognized as the fastest accelerating and de-accelerating car. The Koenigsegg CCX A product from Swedish car manufacturer, Koenigsegg, the CCX is a mid engine vehicle that was designed to comply with the automobile standards of the United States and to meet the demands of the country’s markets. The name CCX is an abbreviation for Competition Coupe X; the vehicle replaced the ever popular Koenigsegg CCR and was introduced to the world as a commemorative product to mark the completion of a decade since the first CC car was offered to the world. The car is also available in a version that runs on bio-fuel, the CCRX which has 25% enhanced engine power than the CCX. The McLaren F1 A common name on the Formula 1 circuits, McLaren is known to produce enviably fast cars and their F1 has the longest standing record of being the fastest legally produced car in the world, holding the title from 1994 to 2005. As a matter of fact, even today the vehicle has the distinction of being the fastest naturally aspirated vehicle. The standard version of the car easily reaches a maximum speedometer reading of 371 km/h. At its introduction,it left the then fastest car, Jaguar XJ220 in its wake. However, the CCR from Koenigsegg beat the McLaren F1 in the race for the title of the fastest car. The Ferrari Enzo Most people would have expected Ferrari with its trademark blazing red vehicles and the galloping horse on its hood to score better. However, Enzo from Ferrari just makes it to the last spot on the list of the fastest vehicles in the world. Named after the founder of the company, Enzo currently has the distinction of being the most powerful naturally aspirated vehicle. With the F1 style sequential transmission, the vehicle can reach 300 km/h. Introduced in 2003, the car has been designed to emulate the finer points of Ferrari racers on the F1 circuits including a carbon fiber body and carbon ceramic brake discs. Although these vehicles have earned their spot on the list, it would be unfair to conclude without mentioning other noteworthy vehicles such as the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and offerings from other illustrious auto makers like Jaguar from the UK and Lamborghini from Italy. With any fast driving car you can expect your car insurance to increase in price. Make sure to find out what cheap car insurance rates there are offered for you new top speed car.
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