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Best Ways to Protect Against Car Thieves

Depending on the type and model of the car owned, auto theft prevention can be huge concerns for auto owners. Unfortunately, the problem is further compounded by the higher premiums charged for the more expensive vehicles with a higher theft rate. However, a simple yet effective solution exists to the problem in the form of thievery protection devices; these can safeguard the investment of auto owners and lower auto insurance rates.

The Good Ol VIN Etching

The VIN or vehicle identification number is a unique numerical code assigned to a vehicle; the distinctive serial number is stamped on the dashboard of the vehicle to distinguish it from other cars. Because the vehicle can be tracked easily with the help of the VIN number, it becomes taxing to sell a stolen car with a visible VIN number etching. This alone is enough to deter most auto thieves from stealing the car since removing the etching would entail the replacement of glass which can be an expensive prospect.

Steering Wheel and Tire/Wheel Locks

These are by far the most visible anti theft devices that can be used in a vehicle; as a matter of fact, the mere sight of them is often adequate to keep miscreants at bay and even thwart theft attempts from the more hardened criminals. The steering lock is easy to use and remove with a key and can be stored conveniently. The tire/wheel locks are no different from those used by law enforcement officials. These devices prevent vehicle movement and unless a tow truck is used the car will not budge an inch from its place.


The most common anti theft device installed in vehicles, alarms have been around for a while. Available with a range of features, from the simple audio alert to the more advanced electronic vehicle tracking, alarms can be an effective theft deterrent but only when the vehicle is parked in the right location. Without a doubt, the shrill audio alert will attract attention; however, the car has to be parked in a relatively crowded area or very near your home, so that there are people around who care and will take notice of it.

Gearshift Locks and Electronic Kill Switches

Gearshift locks are mechanical anti theft devices; sturdy pins that are inserted over the gearshift. They prevent the car from being shifted out of the neutral position and into the first gear, so that it can’t be moved. The installation is very efficacious in auto theft prevention and the device can be used and removed easily. On the other hand, the kill switch is an electronic device that prevents ignition.  Needless to say, the installment will be futile if it is not hidden; however, even the simplest device of the kind does deter amateurs who often give up when the vehicle fails to start.

Electronic Trackers

These are extremely effective devices that track the vehicle through a GPS system if it’s stolen. The installment provides real-time location of the vehicle and is usually sold with a service contract. Electronic trackers have earned the reputation of being able to track a car within hours of it being stolen which does not give the miscreants enough time to alter it in any way that might prevent identification. Introduced as the next generation anti theft devices, the tracker is small and can be easily installed in the vehicle in a position where it cannot be tampered with.

While each one of these devices is efficacious in spooking criminals and auto theft prevention, they all have certain flaws. Fortunately, these can be easily tackled by using two or more devices in conjunction for complete protection of the vehicle. These methods can be easy for lowering your already very cheap car insurance.

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