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Scooters, A Smart Way To Save!

I think we have all felt the strains in our lives from a bad economy. Unemployment rates are high and job positions are low and people are starting to come up with creative ways to save money. To save money on gas is a great way that we can save some extra cash every month. If you are looking to cut corners on how much you pay on gas, investing in a Motorized Scooter could be a good solution.

With gas prices in the US at a national average of $3.47 per gallon, you can quickly see your bank account dwindling when you head to the gas station with a truck or SUV and have to fill up a 23-30 gallon gas tank, which could cost you anywhere from $80 to $100. Even in a gas efficient car that only has around a 12-14 gallon gas tank, you are still going to be paying around $50 every time you fill up. And if you are like me, you drive enough to where you have to fill up at least once a week. That’s a good $200 to $400 a month on gas! That’s a significant amount of money to spend every month!

If you do a lot of driving around town, a scooter would definitely be a great thing to have to zip you around without having to waste all that money on gas. If you compare the gas mileage of even a good gas efficient car like the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla where you will get an average of 33 miles per gallon it doesn’t even compare to the mileage you could be getting in a scooter. In a scooter you can get up to 144 mpg, depending on the model you have. Plus, scooters only have a one or two gallon fuel tank, so you are not only getting better gas mileage but only have to put in a few gallons at a time. That trip to the gas station will start feeling much easier on your wallet, you will simply save money on gas.

A few good scooters out there according to this website is the Honda Dio which is a 50 cc engine and gets 144 mpg, the Yamaha BWs Zuma which is a 125 cc engine and gets 96 mpg, and the Kymco People which is a 200 cc engine and gets 68 mpg. The price range for scooters starts at around $400 and goes up to around $5000, depending on the make and model.

You may think that if you live in a place where the weather isn’t warm all year round, this isn’t a vehicle for you. But even if you live in a place that has harsh winters a scooter still would be a great vehicle that you use in the spring, summer and fall. I would suggest having a second vehicle, just in case the weather is bad. Then you will still be able to enjoy the savings you can receive from using less gas in a vehicle, but will still have way to get around in the winter months.

Plus not only does a Scooter save money on gas by getting amazing gas mileage, but it is a good way to help the environment by not using and burning as much gas. It is also a fun activity you can enjoy with friends and family!

Getting a Scooter is a great option for college students. It is actually a very popular choice among students. Car insurance is expensive so cutting down on costs by getting a scooter will help you save money. You can also save money on teenage car insurance just by being a college student. Find out how to get cheaper car insurance for college students.

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