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Getting a Gift for a Car Enthusiast

Is there someone on your Christmas list who knows a lot about cars? Do you have no idea what kind of car gift they would actually like? If so, you’ve come to the right place to find the perfect gift.

One point, first off: there is no shame in asking a car enthusiast what they would like as a Christmas gift. Try saying something to the effect of, “I know you are working on your car right now, and I wanted to get you something for that. What’s on your wish list?” This will ensure that you don’t purchase some random car part that they can’t use, plus it implies that you actually care about their project and, by extention, that you care about them. And isn’t that the point of giving a gift anyway?

Of course, some gift-givers try to surprise the recipient, or find it a little tacky to ask, and that’s okay too. There is a helpful tip for giving gifts your car-loving friends and family will enjoy: know what ELSE they are interested in. Does your car-lover enjoy music? Consider getting them some nice speakers, a new stack of CDs, or an adapter for their MP3 player. Is your favorite car enthusiast frequently on the road? A cell phone holder or Bluetooth device could be nice for those on-the-go business calls. What about car people who also have a solid sense of fashion? Nice floor mats or trendy seat covers could be the way to go. Or, if the enthusiast in question is also a bit of a speed demon, a radar detector may be in order. If, of course, you want to encourage that sort of thing.

Alternately, consider the person’s level of interest in cars. For example, maybe the car enthusiast on your list is just starting out. If that is the case, tools could be an excellent choice. Consider a socket, screwdriver, or locking pliers set from NAPA; each set is sold there for less than $10. If you know a particularly seasoned auto mechanic, a gift card really might be in order, just so you can make sure he or she gets something not already owned and loved. Try Advance Auto, Autozone, or JC Whitney; each have gift cards available to put in stockings or in a suggestive little envelope under the tree.

Maybe your favorite car-lover lives far away. What kind of clmate do they have there? A particularly cold climate invites all sorts of gift ideas, such as a roadside emergency kit or gloves for working with that ice cold engine. A warm climate on the other hand means it is still nice enough weather to make a car washing kit appropriate and a fun excuse to get outside.

Whatever you decide to do, congratulations for choosing a car-related gift. To a car enthusiast, this shows that you pay attention to wait his or her interest are, as well as support his or her decision to get greasy up to the elbows on the weekends. With that kind of rapport, maybe your car-lover won’t mind when you call asking for a favor. Or maybe that’s why you’re getting a gift for them to begin with…

We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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