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Buying a Family Vehicle, Why I Choose a Minivan

When my husband and I were married in 2002 we owned a 1988 Chevy Nova. It costs us $800 and got great gas mileage. It was the perfect beater car to start our marriage with. One day some friends asked us to babysit their four month old and we needed to take him in our car back to our apartment.

After a good twenty minutes of figuring out how to install the car seat we put him in and went on our way. The problem? Both of us had to pull our seats up in order to fit the car seat in. We drove home with our knees to our chests.

When the time came for us to think about children of our own, we knew a new car would need to be part of the equation. We got a Nissan Altima to hold us over, which worked fine with one child, but not two. When our second was born, whoever sat in the passenger seat would be a little squished because of the rear facing car seat, we dealt with this for a few months, but at the same time we shopped for good family cars.

I wanted a minivan from the start, but my husband… not so much. “This is the perfect time to get an SUV!” he said, “Think of all the hauling and loading we can do and it will fit our whole family.”

“But minivans have sliding doors!” I retorted. Yup, that was my entire argument. My husband is a car guy so he started doing some research. He compared gas mileage and design and who knows what else, and decided… he still wanted an SUV.

That is, until the next Christmas when we decided to make the ten hour trek to visit his family. We knew the Altima wasn’t going to cut it for such a long drive, so we rented a Minivan.

Our children are the only niece’s, nephew’s, and grandchildren, so you can imagine how spoiled they were by their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The thing that sold my husband on a minivan was the fact that we could easily fit our stuff and out family and comfortably enjoy the ride, an important feature in finding good family cars.

The walkthrough feature was especially nice with a 10 month old. When the baby was crying I could walk back and sit in the rear to feed her a bottle or play with her or do whatever she needed me to do, then I could walk back when it was time for her to sleep. It cut down on a few extra hours we would have spent pulled over attending to her needs.

On the way home, we not only fit our stuff and our family, but the loads of Christmas gifts our kids were given. And yes, my husband also discovered how nice it was to have big open sliding doors when you are loading your children into the car seats. Two months later we became proud owners of a Kia Sedona, and the fact still remains that Minivans where built to be good family cars in a way that SUV’s are not.

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