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Tips For Reducing Road Rage

Tips For Reducing Road Rage

Morning commute. What kinds of emotions come to surface when I say those words? Anger? Frustration? Claustrophobia? I’ve felt all of these things and more in the forty minute drive it takes to get from my home to nearest city.

Forty Minutes of white knuckled, red faced driving with a penchant for hitting the horn and giving the finger, is that really how anyone wants to start their day? I’ve had many a time when I’ve arrived at the office flustered and unhappy just because of the drive.

Road rage feels like second nature. Someone cuts you off and you can’t help but be angry, but how is that affecting the rest of our lives? Does what happen on the road translate to how we treat other people in general? For me, I know a rough commute can sour my mood for the rest of the day.

What can be done for reducing road rage, and will it really make our lives happier? I believe it will. Here are a few tips to get you started -

Give yourself plenty of time
I can’t stress this one enough for reducing road rage. The shorter you are on time, the stronger the likelihood you will drive aggressively. You have somewhere to be, can’t the other drivers respect that? This sort of attitude leads to weaving in and out of cars, speeding, and yes, road rage. It’s an attitude where you are only thinking about yourself, which leads to the next tip…

Remember that the other drivers are people too
Time for a little visualization, I want you to put yourself behind the wheel and start your morning commute. Get into the thickest part of traffic and pull all the angry maneuvers that you usually do. There is a car in front of you that must be going ten miles per hour slower than you are, but they won’t move out of the way. You swerve to pass them and look at the person who’s holding you back. It’s your mother. How do you feel now that your mother has seen you drive this way? I would personally be embarrassed. I mean, she taught me better than that. She was going the speed limit, and I know I should have been too. If you think of everyone else on the road like they are friends and family, would you really be so quick to get so angry?

Nothing is more important than your life
Sometimes the only thing we can think about on our drive is how so and so is going to kill us if we are late again, but would that really matter if your driving got you killed before you even got there? Safety should be the first and foremost concern on the road. Those other people can wait if it means that everyone gets to work alive. We’ve all heard about how driving is more dangerous being chased by a bull — okay I made that one up, but driving is dangerous. Thousands of people are killed on the road every year and even more accidents occur. If you are driving aggressively, then you are contributing to an already unsafe environment.

So next time you start your car take a moment to think about how your driving is not only affecting those around you, but how it is affecting your life as well.

We all need to be a little less quick to get angry, and we all need a little more discount on car insurance. Check out the cheapest car insurance for young drivers by filling out the form at the top of the page. Inexpensive teenage car insurance is not that far from reach.

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