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Keeping Your Car’s Interior Clean

The Secrets To How To Keep Your Car Clean Inside

For my mom’s Christmas present this year, I’m paying my little brother to clean out the inside of her car. It’s one of those things that she never gets around to doing. Plus, she just had knee replacement surgery, so all of the climbing around it would involve is just beyond her abilities right now.

Thinking about that made me take a closer look at my car. It’s certainly not pristine, but it does manage to stay looking nice. It made me wonder how I manage to keep it that way, since (to tell you the truth) it’s not like I clean out my car every week. There were a few key things I realized for how to keep your car clean, so I thought I’d share them with all of you.

1. Stop eating in your car. This is probably the #1 factor. No paper bags, no plastic bottles, and (my favorite part) no crumbs in all of the little nooks and crannies. This is easy for me considering I don’t like fast food, and even if I did like it, I can’t really afford it. Most people are not like this, however, so that brings me to my next suggestion for keeping your interior clean…

2. Stockpile trash bags under your seat. For those days when I do break my own rules and munch on breakfast on the way to work, or if my boyfriend is in my car and finishes off his Gatorade during the ride, I have a solution. There is a pile of plastic grocery bags underneath the passenger seat. I always keep one of them out, so that what little trash develops (say, tissues or gum wrappers) can be put immediately into the bag. That prevents the bits of trash from piling up on the floor boards and keeps the rest of my car clean.  Easy peasy.

3. Invest in rubber floor mats. When I bought floor mats for my car, I got the rubber ones because they were vaguely Batman. (Try not to judge me.) However, as time has gone on, I have been more and more pleased with the results. The rubber floor mats don’t stain like the fabric ones that came with my car, so they look clean for a longer time. Furthermore, if they start to look dirty in the winter, I can take them out and spray them down with the hose, and suddenly, they’re clean again.

Now, these next two I don’t currently do myself, but I’ve been meaning to for a long time:

4. Buy a hand vac. I think everyone should own one of these, personally. Small, portable spaces (like your car!) need small, portable vacuums in order to stay clean. On your last trip to the driveway when you bring in your groceries, take the hand vac with you. Vaccum the seats and floor of your car before you fill your hands with groceries, and then pop the vac into one of the bags so you can carry all of it back up. Just don’t squish the bread or anything.

5. Use seat covers. You can find machine-washable seat covers that you can just throw in with your load of jeans when they need to be cleaned. This is particularly nice when you have sticky, messy kids in the back seat. But what if you can’t find covers that you like, or you don’t think theywill fit your back seat very well, consider buying a few yards of fleece. This kind of fabric doesn’t require any hemming, so you could can cut holes for seatbelt access without worrying about it fraying. Plus it comes in lots and lots of fun colors and patterns, and may even be on sale considering the time of year.

Really though, that’s the secrets to how to keep your car clean inside. It’s easy, and, unlike most easy things, it actually works.

What do YOU do to keep your car’s interior clean?

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