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Finding Cheap Insurance Quotes for Convicted Drivers

Convicted drivers find it harrowing to buy auto insurance, with most companies flatly refusing to offer coverage to individuals with a less than perfect driving record. Even if a person manages to find a company that is willing to offer him coverage despite the “convicted” status, chances are that he/she will end up paying considerably more for the policy than the “Average Joe.” Here is some advice for finding really cheap car insurance for convicted drivers.

Visit Several Sites

Shopping around can get a buyer the best rates; this principle holds true in case of all products and services including when looking for cheap car insurance for convicted drivers. When looking for coverage, it is vital to compare quotes from at least 6 to 8 insurance providers. It is also advisable to talk to the customer service representatives of the companies to learn about any discounts that are being offered with the different types of coverage. Most companies provide special offers with comprehensive coverage.

Try to Bundle Various Policies

Another way to find cheap insurance quotes for convicted drivers is to buy from an existing insurance provider. As a matter of fact, a person can save a significant amount on premiums when buying auto coverage from a company that he/she is already working with. For instance, it will be cheaper for an individual to buy car insurance from a company that is already providing coverage for his home, life and health. This is called multiple lines discount and it is offered by almost all companies to their loyal customers.

Inquire about Classes

When looking for cheap car insurance for convicted drivers, it is also imperative to inquire about taking special classes that will help to lower the premiums. This particularly holds true if the conviction was a result of DUI. A lot of insurance providers will be willing to reduce their coverage rates for people who are willing to take a defensive driving course or even classes on the dangers of drunken driving or safe driving courses. These programs will take the points off a person’s driving record and will show the company that he/she is willing to make amends.

Let the Insurance Company Know About Car Safety Features

Most companies will offer lower rates to owners of specific car models because these vehicles have a lower theft rate. However, this factor may not always be in the buyer’s control; on the other hand, including safety features in the car is a sure fire way to lower premium. Ensuring that the vehicle includes an anti theft alarm, steering wheel lock etc will help a person to bargain for lower insurance costs.  Accepting a clause that limits the number of miles that can be covered in a year will also aid in reducing coverage rates.

Although an individual will have to put in more time to find cheap car insurance for convicted drivers; comparing the products from various companies will help you to find an affordable policy. With a little bit of patience and diligence, it should not be impossible to find cheap car insurance for convicted drivers that offer coverage with the right level of protection without breaking the bank. You can start now! Fill out the simple form at the top of this page for free auto insurance quotes.

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