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Driving in the Snow

‘Tis the season for driving in the snow. If, like me, you have grown up in a place where large dumps of snow are a regular occurrence then you can count yourself among those who know how to drive in the snow, right? So why are the rate accidents increased in the winter months if we are all seasoned pros at driving in the snow? Here are few common misconceptions that might be adding to issues -

1. I own an SUV, therefore I can drive how I wish.
If only! Though SUV’s have better traction in the snow and other features that enable safer driving in rough conditions, it does not mean you are invincible. Don’t think you can take more risks simply because of your vehicle’s safety features. I’ve seen my fair share of accidents with SUV’s and compact cars alike, no one is immune!

2. The speed limit doesn’t change just because there’s snow.
That may be true, but speed limits are set in place as the fastest you should be going, ever. Period. If conditions are bad, you should slow down regardless of what the speed limit sign says. Driving in the snow can impair vision as well as make the roads slick. If someone is going slower than you it means they are being cautious. Pass them if you must, but do not ride on their tails and make sure the way is clear in the other lane.

3. I don’t see any ice on the road, so I’m safe to drive how I wish.
Black ice is a very real threat and it has caught many in a deceiving snare. Thinking the road looks okay is different than knowing. If the temperature is below freezing outside you should be extra cautious, snow or not. The smallest patch can send you flying off the road with the wrong maneuver. Awareness is key when black ice is in season.

This time of year is the time for safe driving in the snow. No one is exempt from the hazards winter and snow brings, so buckle up, put your hands on ten and two and drive how you know you should. You wouldn’t want to wreck your car by being careless. Careless driving won’t get you that super cheap car insurance that you’re trying so hard to reach.

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