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Winter Driving

We are coming up on the holidays and with them bring the joys of family time, Santa, vacations, and of course presents! Being that Christmas is in December, it also means that winter is upon us and is only getting started. We all dream of a white Christmas where we can ski, sled, and make snow men and snow angels to our hearts desire. I mean, that’s what the songs say right? But with the snow comes black ice, and foggy driving conditions which can really put a damper on your holiday.
Now if you live in a warmer climate where you don’t get snow, although you don’t get your white Christmas, you are lucky that you don’t have to deal with driving in those conditions. The rest of us have to deal with months and months of the freezing cold and many snow storms, which have caused many accidents.
So before you are stuck in a bad storm or have to drive home for the holidays, here are a few tips to help you be prepared for winter driving and being stuck in a storm.
1. Make sure you have good tires. Many times with winter driving the reason your car slides and slips all over the road in a storm is because your tires are bald and have no traction. Although good tires won’t stop you entirely from slipping, they will help you maintain more control and stop. The new tires could be the traction that will keep yourself from a horrible accident.
2. Get an emergency winter car kit. If you got caught in a storm that was so bad you had to stop driving and stay in your car, there are some essentials you would need to survive. You never know if this could happen to you and you need to make sure you are prepared. A few things you should keep in your kits or have on hand is:
• Flashlight
• Shovel
• Ice Scrapper
• Blanket
• Cell phone/Charger
• Non-perishable food (jerky, candy, chocolate)
• Water bottles
• First Aid supplies
• Tools
• Winter clothes (boots, hat, coat, gloves, snow-pants)
• Jumper Cables
• Salt, sand or kitty litter for traction.
3. Always keep your gas tank more than half way full when winter driving. Especially if you are driving long distance, fill up on gas as often as you can. If you know the weather isn’t going to be good, you have a change of getting caught in a storm. The more gas you have the longer you can drive or keep the heater in your car on (although be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning in the situation where you are stuck in a snow drift).
I know that you may think that getting stuck in a storm or getting in an accident probably won’t happen to you, but if you live in a place where you get snow every year, it is possible. There is always a chance for the worst to happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So be prepared for the worst and you will feel comfort knowing that you have done your part in being safe.

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