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Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety Tips and Guidelines 

As a mother of two beautiful children I know how important it is to me to keep my children safe. Almost every day I buckle them up in the car and go somewhere. Whether it’s the store, school, or park, each time I take the risk that something may happen to us. You never know when someone isn’t going to be paying attention or when mother nature may strike. All I can do is use my children’s car seats the way they are intended to be used and hope for the best.

If anything is in my control when it comes to car accidents, it is how well my children are secured in their seats. Here are a few tips for your kids car seat safety.

Rear Facing is Best

If you have the right car seat you can keep your child rear facing until they are four. This position is the best protection to your child should an accident occur. Front facing leaves them much more exposed to the conditions around them (i.e. broken glass and air bags), making them more likely to get hurt. If possible, the child should also be positioned in the middle seat.

No Coats in the Car

If the child is wearing a thin jacket, that’s okay, but it would be better if they didn’t have coat on at all. Why? Because the closer the harness is to your child the better. There should be a little breathing room (a couple of your fingers should fit underneath) but if there is only fluff between your child and the belts there is a greater chance of serious whiplash in an accident that can cause major brain damage. (Just a reminder: The double buckle should be at your child’s armpit.)

Make Sure Your Child is Comfortable

This is not to contradict my previous two statements, and while those things should always be kept in mind it is most important that your child be comfortable. The reason for this is because the better your child feels in the car the more likely they will be to keep the restraints in the correct positions and more piece of mind you can have that your child is safe.

When it comes to car seat safety, we all want the best for our kids, and the best way to do that is to be an example ourselves. Next time you get in the car, remember to buckle up and stay safe!

You can also make sure you are protected by making sure you have the car insurance for teenagers you need. Many companies offer simple ways of accessing car insurance quotes online. You can find car insurance quotes by scrolling up and filling out the simple quote finder form.

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