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Archive for the ‘Car Safety and Maintenance Tips’ Category.

Driving: Who has the right-of-way?

Yesterday I was driving through the Walmart parking lot (an adventure all its own, I assure you) when it dawned on me how many people are unaware of who has the right of way in most situations. Either that, or they are blatantly ignoring their knowledge, in which case there is no hope. I, however, am a believer in people, so why not review a few right of way laws?……Read More

What to do if Your Breaks Squeak

Imagine yourself driving down a road near your home. It’s a road you drive every day, the same old commute that you’re used to. You reach down to change the radio station when bam the neighbors cat has run into the middle of the street.  Lucky for you, you’re going the speed limit so stopping is no big deal. At least you think it’s no big deal until you hear……Read More

The Road is an Unpredictable Place

A couple of months ago my husband and I sat at a red light on a street that we had driven dozens of times before. My husband has never been in accident, nor gotten a ticket. I completely trust him when he is driving. We were having a pleasant conversation about something frivolous when the predictability of the road changed. It was an almost out of body experience to be……Read More

Auto Repair – Need to Replace Brakes?

Considerations What do you do when you need to replace brakes on your auto?  The dealer (factory) option garners higher parts and labor costs with general expertise and low turnover of technicians. The brake specialist usually offers a flat cost for parts and labor which is an average (high for the low end, and low for the high end) with specific expertise, but often higher turnover of technicians.  The local……Read More

Auto Repair Grandpa’s Way

Where did I learn about auto repair? Back in the day, I would help (hold the flash light, pass the tool, lift the transmission, etc.) and learn from any needy, or not so needy, backyard mechanic.  I was a ‘grease monkey’ in every sense of the word, often getting dirtier than those I assisted.  The best of the best backyard mechanics was my Grandpa.  Although he was focused and fixed……Read More

The Mini Cooper, A Great Car To Own

Okay, I have a confession to make. I am OBSESSED with Mini Coopers. I’m not sure when or why i decided they were so awesome. It probably all started after i watched the movie “Italian Job.” If you’ve ever seen it, you probably wanted to get a Mini Cooper after watching it too. I also think the reason they became so appealing to me is because they are small, cute,……Read More

Avoiding Complacency in Driving

You’ve driven this road a thousand times before. You’ve done it so much, in fact, that you feel like you could do it in your sleep. It’s so early in the morning, and you are so tired and sure that you could do the drive with your eyes closed that you let your eyes slip. It’s the perfect recipe for disaster. If you drive enough, same route, same car, you……Read More

Keeping Your Kids Safe in The Car and On The Street

We all want the best for our kids. We want them to have more than we had. A better, safer, life. We also want them to be independent. There’s this fine line between keeping them safe and letting them be their own people. The younger they are, the firmer the barriers. As they get older how can we keep them safe?   Set Boundaries As our children get older their……Read More

Do you Remember When? Driving Our First Car

Where I grew up most kids had to purchase their own first car. For me that meant going in half-way with my brother and purchasing a 1986 Subaru GL. A clunker if there ever was one. It got us to and from school just fine, but we often fought about who got to take the car and hang out with friends. Eventually the car became mine. My brother preferred driving……Read More

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Being a mom of a two year old and a four year old, I know what it’s like to be a distracted driver. The kids are just begging for my attention and it’s hard to concentrate on the road when they are screaming at each other. But the fact remains that distracted driving is dangerous, really dangerous. I would put it up there with drunk driving. That may sound harsh,……Read More