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The Mini Cooper, A Great Car To Own

Okay, I have a confession to make. I am OBSESSED with Mini Coopers. I’m not sure when or why i decided they were so awesome. It probably all started after i watched the movie “Italian Job.” If you’ve ever seen it, you probably wanted to get a Mini Cooper after watching it too. I also think the reason they became so appealing to me is because they are small, cute,……Read More

Tips to buying a used car

What I Wished I Had Known | Used Car Buying Tips If you are new to the car scene, figuring out what car to buy is probably a little overwhelming. There are so many things to think about it and evaluate,  and if your new to the game, there are things that wouldn’t even cross your mind. If you are looking to buy a used car, there are a few……Read More

Companies Known for Their Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is required by law of every driver, so most people in America are forced to make room in their budget for at least some minimum coverage. A cheap car insurance policy is an attractive idea, but it is also important to find a good insurer so as not to compromise on quality. There are five different reputable auto insurance companies in the United States today, working to provide……Read More

Is Getting Cheap Auto Insurance for Teenagers Possible?

Cheap Auto Insurance For Teenagers is Possible! Everyone knows that getting teenage car insurance is tricky, due to their young age, distract-ability and the fact that they do not have years of experience behind the wheel. Many parents look forward to the day their child becomes old enough to drive with dread for their bank account. However, a responsible young person really does stand a chance of getting low cost……Read More

Can I get Auto Insurance Quotes for Rentals?

Many people are concerned about insurance coverage for a rental vehicle and the amount by which such coverage could increase the daily cost of the vehicle. There are two options when trying to buy coverage for rental cars. They can make do with the policy offered by the rental company, which will usually be priced higher, but buyers who are looking for deals should check out cheap auto insurance quotes……Read More