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Archive for the ‘State by State Insurance’ Category.

The Toyota Prius, a Good Purchase

The last few years have been rough for the economy and spending your life savings on gas isn’t the way anyone wants to spend their money. People have had to come up with creative ways to save money, and gas is an easy way to do it. People have adapted from driving their big gas guzzler SUV’s and trucks and switched to more practical, economy cars that save them a……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Wyoming

Wyoming entered the United States as the 44th state in 1890. Aside from being famous for its cowboy and Indians culture, Wyoming is the site for the first national park, Yellowstone, and was the first state to give women the right to vote before the 21st Amendment was passed in 1921—it even had the first female governor in 1925, thus earning its nickname as the “Equality State.” Wyoming has the……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Washington

Washington State, not to be confused with the District of Columbia, is the only state named after a president. It was admitted into the Union as the 42nd State in 1889. Washington is well known for its agricultural products such as apples, berries, nuts and wheat, as well as cattle and timber. It also has other claims to fame in that Microsoft is based in Washington, as well as Boeing……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Utah

Utah has a very interesting state history. The state was populated widely by Native Americans, but was settled by colonies of Mormon settlers in the 1800’s that had left the East fleeing religious persecution. Utah still has a very strong Mormon presence today. The state is known for the wide-open spaces of its plateaus and deserts, and much of the state is devoted to national parks and forests. The cost……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Oregon

Oregon is located in the verdant green Pacific Northwest, between Washington State and California. Admitted as the 43rd state in 1859, Oregon was the destination point for the famous Oregon Trail, which brought thousands of settlers from the Eastern states into the wide expanses of the West. Some of this state’s most important industries are fisheries and timber, and the state has a reputation for its wild outdoors. The overall……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in New Mexico

New Mexico is the fifth-largest state in the United States and entered the Union in 1912. This former Mexican territory is a vast and varied landscape of deserts and mountains that is home to hundreds of massive cattle ranches, mines, military installations and technology centers. New Mexico’s average cost of living is on average with the nation as a whole, but car insurance in New Mexico is more expensive than……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Nevada

Nevada became the 36th state in 1864. Its name means “snowy” in Spanish, its name coming from the snow-capped peaks of the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains in the northern part of the state. Nevada became famous originally for its gold, silver and other precious metals, but it remained famous with the establishment of legalized prostitution and gambling in Reno and Las Vegas. Car insurance in Nevada is very expensive, in……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Montana

Montana is the fourth-largest state, but it only ranks 44th in total population. Named for the majestic, craggy mountains that dominate the western parts of the state, Montana is called “Big Sky Country,” and it lives up to its name. Montana is still home to vast cattle ranches and the Western lifestyle is still going strong there. The state’s cost of living is quite low, but it is still worthwhile……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Idaho

When most people think about Idaho, they immediately think of potatoes, which are one of this state’s major exports. Idaho is also known as the “Gem State,” because of its many mines, and is also the 13th largest state in the US. Idaho has a high quality of life with low crime statistics, low cost of living, and, for the past several years running, the cheapest car insurance in the……Read More

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Hawaii

Hawaii was inducted as the last state to join the Union in 1959. Prior to this, Hawaii had been a US territory, and before that was its own Polynesian kingdom with a rich culture and heritage, which remains strong today. The “Aloha State” is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. The cost of living in Hawaii is one of the highest in the US, and part……Read More